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7 Wedding planning tips to help save you money & some headaches

I'm assuming if you've found your way here that you or someone you know is recently engaged and planning a wedding. Congrats! Before you drive too deep into your plans, we wanted to share 7 of our top tips from our wedding industry pals to help make your wedding planning journey a bit easier, or more importantly save you a few dollars!

Here are our 7 top tips from industry pro's.


1. Cake & fake!

Did you know that you can have that dream cake at a fraction of the cost simply by faking it? Del from Del's Cake Designs says that you can save up to 30% on the cost of your wedding cake by including fake layers. The overall saving will depend on the intricacy of the design and the type of icing you choose but the saving is there to be made. How do you ‘fake’ a cake? It’s as easy as swapping a real cake layer for a Styrofoam layer and then decorating it the same. Who can tell? Absolutely no one – unless of course you try to eat it!

2. Make friends with your DJ

Music is such an important part of your wedding reception so it’s important that you choose a DJ that will get to know you and your needs, you need someone who you ‘click’ with, someone who you would want to invite as a guest (if you hadn’t only just met them!). A good DJ will sit down with you, work with you on song choices and help out with the timeline for the evening. DJ Al from Off The Wall Promotions says to consider your guest's music tastes, as invited guests you surely want them to enjoy your evening as much as you do!

3. Be open-minded about honeymoon destinations (& book early)!

Kayla from Kayla Made Travel plans dream honeymoon. She says to approach your honeymoon planning with an open mind and even if you have your heart set on a specific destination, don’t be afraid to consider other places as you might be surprised to see where the value lies with alternative destinations. Her hottest tip though is to book in advance – at least 6 months, where you will more often than not, be entitled to early bird discounts.

4. Re-use & recycle

Consider ways to make the most out of your ceremony and reception décor. Did you know that hiring artificial bouquets will save you a third of the price? Annette from Jemeralds Events says the most cost effective way to use flowers is to use them more than once! Her hottest tip is to re-purpose your ceremony flowers at your reception which could include using flower arrangements from your arbour on your bridal table and other flowers from the ceremony as decorations for your guest tables.

5. Consider the return journey

The team at Allure Limousines will always tell you that the journey is just as important as the destination. Their hottest tip is to consider your return journey at the end of your reception, which will most likely be the very first opportunity for you both to be alone and reflect on your wedding day that was. This should be a unique and intimate experience for you as newlyweds so make sure you check what options your limo company has for return journeys.

6. Prepare for the wind

Did you know that Perth is the third most windy capital city on the planet? True story, google it! This should be a major consideration when you are choosing a ceremony spot. Sure, a bit of wind is manageable but strong winds will knock chairs over, blow flowers off your arbour, twist your veil around you as your walk and blow your hair around your face. Luke Firth marriage celebrant says to consider the wind direction when you choose a spot to stand – is your veil and hair going to blow into your face, into hubby’s face? Should you reconsider your hair-do? Luke also says to consider your invited guests during the wait for your arrival – will they need water on a hot day, will they need shade to stand under?

7. Remember to say thank you

This is your Big Day but the important people in your life have also been waiting and helping prep for it too. Make sure to think of them and a special way of saying thank you. Erica from Floria Everlasting Blooms says preserved flowers provide a special and lasting token of thanks.


There you have it! 7 top tips from industry pros to help you along you wedding planning journey. Working with a small budget? Check out our post on how to work with your smaller budget without going 'cheap'. If you need some rustic garden venue inspiration, check out our photoshoot at Rothwood Homestays.

If you find you need some wedding planning help throughout your journey, we are here to help! Get in touch to find the right package to suit your needs at hello@wildewedding.com.au.

Let us know in the comments below what #weddingtips you found helpful when planning your wedding, and what parts of planning your wedding you struggled with the most.

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